Compact, multi-purpose combined arresters

February 7th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


dehn-compact-multi-purpose-combined-arrestersThe Blitzductor XT from Dehn are compact, multi-purpose combined arresters. Their base part andprotection modules perfectly complement each other forDIN rail mounting. The universal base part minimises storage requirements and eases prewiring and maintenance operationsand can double up as a terminal block.They ensure maximum system availabilitysince the modules can be replaced without signal interruption, and all protection elements are integrated in the module, thus facilitating replacement and maintenance. Their suitability for different fields of application, including potentially explosive atmospheres, was also tested.Additionally, the arrester’s snap-in mechanism provides robust protection against vibration effects and shock, up to a 30-fold acceleration of gravity. The unique RFID-based, intelligentLifeCheck technology allows fastand easy testing of arresters without removing the modulefrom the system circuit. LifeCheck immediately indicatesimminent electrical or thermal overload of the components.

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