Compatibility important for LED solutions

April 29th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector


Compatibility with the various automation systems available on the market is an important element in implementing a successful LED lighting solution. LED Lighting South Africa has developed a multi-function interface unit which can communicate with both analogue and digital control signals. For single channel analogue operation, the Protocol Interface Unit can communicate with 0 – 10 V and 1 – 10 V protocols. For digital signals, it can control up to six output channels using a wide variety of protocols including RS232, RS422, and RS485. In all cases, the output channels have ten-bit resolution allowing for up to 1024 brightness levels for very smooth dimming control. The unit is also compatible with DMX control. It is designed to work with the company’s dimmable 3 x 3 W LED downlight range, which operates off 12 V DC.

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