Complete point cloud data manipulation software

June 9th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

YellowScan has released its new software, CloudStation, which provides a complete solution to create and manipulate point-cloud data. CloudStation is the new proprietary software developed by YellowScan to generate and visualise your point-clouds. It allows users to extract, process and display data immediately after flight acquisition. The auto-generation of flight lines and the production of LAS files are now done in a few clicks. The software it allows a better and simplified experience for the customers, and the better user experience leads to more efficiency for client’s demanding projects. Key business benefits that can be achieved from using CloudStation include checking the integrity of your data in the field, verifying your area coverage, making sure all objects you are mapping are identified, and extracting your LAS files with only few clicks, within a few minutes. CloudStation is immediately available with the acquisition of a YellowScan lidar solution. The software has several display options to choose from, including top or 3D view, cloud colour (elevation, intensity, echo etc.), measurement tools, and custom image export. Each software version is provided with support, maintenance, and updates at no additional costs.

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