Concise manual on fuse technology

March 12th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

A company like SIBA Fuses is intensely engaged in research and development work in the field of fuses and acquires much knowledge of interest to others who work in this field. To share this knowledge, SIBA has, in the past, contributed two specialist handbooks on semiconductor fuses and miniature fuses respectively. The company therefore published The fuse manual – ultra-rapid fuses, a 75-page manual on construction, selection and types of ultra-rapid fuse. The booklet contains a general description of fuse technology and drills down to specific product data and diagrammes while providing examples of calculations. Published in 2011, the booklet, now in its second edition, includes chapters on fuse performance; operating classes and technical data of semiconductor protection fuses; series and parallel connection of semiconductor protection fuses; fuses in power electronics and semiconductor fuses in international standards. Three appendices provide example calculations of semiconductor fuses; the calculation of fuse-links in frequency inverters and conversion tables.

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