Constant temperature monitoring of electromechanical enclosures

April 18th, 2016, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

iriss-078-05-2016Having radically improved thermal imaging efficiency and safety through the introduction of its polymer infrared windows, Iriss is now addressing the need for wider electrical maintenance safety solutions. Indeed its latest introduction allows the company to add continuous monitoring to the list, both as a stand-alone capability and as an addition to its patented window products. Infrared imaging does a great job of detecting thermal anomalies caused by conditions such as a loose connections, overhead circuits and unbalanced loads. It does, however, only provide a snapshot of the faults on the day of inspection, leaving the subject components unmonitored for the balance of the year. To meet this need Iriss has now introduced a new addition to its range of electrical maintenance safety devices (EMSD). It is Delta T Alert, a self-contained, wireless temperature monitoring system that attaches to an electrical enclosure cover. It bridges the gap between infrared inspections by regularly recording and reporting critical temperatures within electromechanical enclosures.

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