Coordinate transformation software receives major overhaul

March 24th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

PROJ 6 has undergone extensive changes to increase its functional scope from a cartographic projection engine with so-called early-binding geodetic datum transformation capabilities to a more complete library supporting coordinate transformations and coordinate reference systems. It is now the reference software in the “OSGeo C stack” for this CRS and coordinate operation database, whereas previously this functionality was spread over PROJ, GDAL and libgeotiff, and used CSV or other adhoc text-based formats. The software now includes a C++ implementation of the modulisation proposed by the ISO-19111:2019 standard / OGC Abstract Specification Topic 2: “Referencing By Coordinates”, for geodetic reference frames (datums), coordinate reference systems and coordinate operations. A unified database of geodetic objects, coordinate reference systems and their metadata, and coordinate operations between those CRS is now available in a SQLite3 database file, proj.db. Late-binding coordinate operation capabilities have been added to avoid the past requirement of using WGS84 as a pivot system, which could cause unneeded accuracy loss, or was not doable at all sometimes when transformation to WGS84 was not available. A new command line utility, projinfo, has been added.

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