Coordinated drone operations for search and rescue

September 8th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Ugcs new Command and Control (Ugcs CC) solution has been developed for efficient drone integration in search and rescue, police and security operations. Urgent missions involving multiple drones demand concerted action controlled from a single command centre where all video streams, 3D maps, placemarks, and other incoming drone data are sent for real-time overviews, analysis, and in-depth investigation. The solution is scalable and tailored for managing complex search and rescue, investigation or surveillance operations globally. For search and rescue missions, an operator can plan flights and upload routes to the drones, while the drone pilots can set up the drones on-site and monitor the mission via a tablet screen, using the Ugcc for DJI mobile app. All that is needed to give the operator full control are two laptops and a router enabling the establishment of a WiFi connection with the drones. The app lets users to simultaneously view multiple video streams and a 3D map of the mission terrain with the actual coordinates of the drones. Both the operator and the pilots can manually control the drones when needed, as well as add placemarks for particular areas with attached geolocation and images for a more in-depth inspection.

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