Protecting and positioning in one device

April 10th, 2012, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

More and more areas are being automated where products were traditionally moved manually or by forklift truck to intermediate buffers or transported to packaging lines. This level of automation with shuttle systems, generally known also as side-tracking skates or distribution cars, provides a solution with greater flexibility. However with this advantage comes the need to ensure the protection of workers in the area, which is typically done using safety laser scanners on these vehicles or systems. Leuze’s Rotoscan RS4 safety laser scanner is considered highly suitable for this type of application as it has the ability to measure distance and detect a vehicle’s position with absolute accuracy. This laser scanner fulfils both requirements in one device and has an integrated interface for the optimum connection to Profibus DB (Profisafe). One of the main features of the Rotoscan RS4 is the intelligent motion monitoring function which means the devices are suitable for use in mobile applications such as side-tracking skates.

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