Couplers made theft-proof

August 8th, 2018, Published in Articles: Vector

Couplers are traditionally manufactured from brass, leaded gun metal or stainless steel, making their high weight-to-value ratio presents a theft risk. Proof Engineering therefore pioneered the ProAlloy zinc coupler, which offers reduced theft risk, lighter weight and lower cost. The ProAlloy is manufactured to specification from a zinc, copper and aluminium mix which holds no resale value, making it a “non-theft material”. The aluminium contaminates the mix and decreases the value from approximately R35/kg to R6/kg. The patented non-theft material also makes the couplers 33% lighter compared their brass equivalents and presents a more affordable alternative. The couplers demonstrate material integrity, retains their machinability and remain completely malleable. The zinc product has undergone corrosion tests conducted by Mintek against brass in mining water and results showed no corrosion affect. That the addition of a new additive has improved the metal strength of the coupler even further. The company buys the metal back from customers at R15/kg and recycles the metal.

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