Limiting amplifier and burst mode laser driver

July 27th, 2012, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

The Max 3710 limiting amplifier and burst mode laser driver provides a highly integrated, low-cost, high-performance PMD solution for Gpon/Epon/Onu applications in modules or directly on the Onu board. The low-jitter laser diode driver provides transmit burst mode average power control (APC) of laser bias current as well as an integrated modulation current control loop (extinction ratio control, or ERC). The ERC eliminates the need for temperature lookup tables (LUTs) controlling the modulation current. The low-noise limiting amplifier maximises optical sensitivity, and has adjustable SD/LOS threshold plus programmable output levels. The differential CML output stage features a slew-rate adjustment for 1,25 Gbps Epon operation. Integrated bias current monitor, burst mode Tx power monitor, and a digital laser power monitor enable a low-cost implementation of the next-generation Gpon and Epon modules with digital diagnostics. A novel auto-calibration mode enables low-cost fiber optic module production. An integrated 3-wire digital interface controls the laser driver and limiting amplifier functions, and enables communication with a low-cost controller.

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