Cultivation data added to Zambian land cover

April 5th, 2017, Published in Articles: PositionIT


GeoTerraImage has released the latest version of the 2015 Southern African Land-cover geospatial product, which now includes settlements. The company has added new data in its ongoing development of an off-the-shelf catalogue of current southern African landscape information, with the recent completion of a country-wide, high detail inventory of cultivated lands across Zambia. This dataset, derived from 30 m resolution, multi-seasonal 2015 Landsat 8 imagery, complements the existing base land-cover that already describes vegetation and water characteristics, as well as mining and settlement land-use information across the country.

It represents key baseline reference data suitable for a wide range of socio-environmental applications. The new cultivation information defines the spatial extent and type of cultivation that is occurring across Zambia, and includes several information classes, including pivot-irrigated fields, large non-pivot commercial fields, and other small-scale cultivation areas. To further support and enhance the Zambian dataset, population density levels will soon be added to the settlement units. GIS compatible versions of this data, are available from GeoTerraImage upon request.

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