Custom-designed rotary actuators

March 4th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector


psvmitech-291-03-2014PSV Mitech’s pneumatic rotary actuators can be used in industrial, R&D, laboratory, production and quality inspection applications which require rotary motion. They can handle small to medium sized payloads with rotation up to 90° and can be mounted and operated in any direction. The actuators are custom designed and require little maintenance. They are available with either a double crank mechanism for modulating control or a scotch yoke mechanism for on/off duty. The actuators are field reversible from clockwise-to-close to clockwise-to-open. With their pneumatic piston design, the actuators are offered in large sizes and can be engineered and fitted to most valves up to a 250 000 Nm torque. By using a square drive, the actuators can be mounted perpendicular to or inline with the pipe work and the adjustable end stops can be adjusted externally in both the open and closed position to within 7º. The single spring design which is pre-stressed in a detachable pack makes the actuator easy to assemble and disassemble. Pressure seals are all simple O rings reducing maintenance costs.

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