Custom near real-time change detection introduced

April 3rd, 2017, Published in Articles: PositionIT


Swift Geospatial, a geospatial solutions company that processes and analyses aerial imagery from drones as well as high and medium resolution satellites has release a new cloud-based change detection solution, Swiftview. The solution runs on the ArcGIS Online platform, and analyses daily-acquired 3 m satellite imagery from Planet, which it combines with high-resolution basemaps from Digital Globe satellites to deliver near real-time change monitoring.

Different modules are available to address specific change detection needs: a Servitude module monitors linear features, a Land Use module monitors defined land parcels, while the Waterbody and Agri/Forestry modules are aimed at water analyses and agriculture specific monitoring respectively. The solutions are customised to clients’ needs and specifications. It is runs and delivered in the cloud and accessed through a web-browser, with the results checked by the Swift Geospatial team for accuracy before delivery. The company can also create custom dashboards for customers to ease reporting. As the solutions run on ArcGIS Online, it can also be integrated with Esri’s mobile worker applications such as Workforce, Collector, Navigator or Survey 123.

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