Data observatory moved to the cloud

November 13th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Carto recently launched Data Observatory 2.0 (DO), a new platform to discover and consume location data for spatial analysis. This latest version provides a scalable platform of rich data in the format that data scientists need. The company needed a robust data warehouse platform with strong geospatial support and that would also match its business model. Google Cloud and BigQuery provided that foundation, and for the last few months the company has rewritten its DO engine to utilise those capabilities. The overall architecture is a modern approach to data pipelines with many moving pieces, and enables next generation spatial data infrastructure. Among the benefits are the separation of computation from storage, which means you pay little for storage, but you pay when you compute and analyse the data. It also means users can push all the data they want to BigQuery without worrying about a huge bill. There is also a separation of who pays for using the data: the spatial data infrastructure only pays for the hosting, while the data user pays for the usage. Other benefits include scalability and multitenancy.

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