DC traction motor test rig

August 17th, 2017, Published in Articles: Energize, Articles: Vector

PPE and African Traction Systems worked together to build a system for traction motor load testing for PRASA. The system is completely automated, allowing the operator to monitor the system and input test parameters. The system will be able to perform multiple tests required by the end user, as well as automatically generate reports based on the tests. Safety features can include caging, cameras and access control. The equipment will aid the operator in operation, monitoring and control of the rig, which will also provide data logging and report print-outs at the end of the test. The PLC development work will be undertaken as per customer specification. All tests described in the specification are conducted at an armature circuit voltage of 1450 V DC and various armature currents and field currents not exceeding 300 A DC. The solution can be tailored to suit any customer’s requirements.

Contact Brad Bense, PPE Technologies, Tel 013 752-3570, bradb@ppetech.co.za


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