Northern Cape solar project achieves construction milestone

October 18th, 2013, Published in Articles: Energize

De Aar Solar Power achieved a major milestone this week when it installed its final solar panel.  Over 167 000 solar panels have been installed on the project in the last five months, making it one of the few IPPs of this scale to reach this construction target in the Northern Cape area. During the peak construction period up to 3000 modules were installed per day, which is comparable to international projects, and is exceptional considering the inexperience of the installers. During the construction period up to 520 jobs were created, 73% of which were filled by personnel from the local community and the project is expected to create many permanent jobs during the twenty year operation period of the solar plant.

Contact Savva Antoniadis, De Aar Solar Power, Tel 011 343-9173,

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