Decentralised renewable energy with minigrids

November 8th, 2018, Published in Articles: Energize

G7 Renewable Energies has expanded its portfolio by investing in RVE.SOL, a minigrid development venture using renewable energy to foster decentralised electrification in Africa. The company’s patented, pay-as-you-go system “Kudura”, has more than six years of proven reliability and measured outcomes. The investment in RVE.SOL will enable G7 to be involved in facilitating growth in a sector which will revolutionise energy access in African rural communities. According to the International Energy Agency renewable energy, off-grid and mini-grid systems are gaining ground in Africa. Renewable energy has provided 34% of new connections since 2012, and off-grid and mini-grid systems 6%. Decentralised systems are likely to provide the most cost-effective solutions for boosting access to electricity and potable water. Off-grid and minigrid systems provide the means for almost half of new access, underpinned by new business models using digital and mobile disruptive technologies. Minigrids represent some 52% of electricity access and the last five years the continent has seen a strong increase in mini-grid, off-grid solutions based on renewable energy.

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