Transducers for industrial, laboratory applications

February 17th, 2012, Published in Articles: Vector

LEM has introduced the ITZ series of transducers for galvanically-isolated DC, AC and pulsed current measurements in industrial and laboratory applications. The product range comprises a series of transducers for nominal current measurements from 600 A to 24 kA, that provide overall accuracies at ambient temperature (25°C) of only a few ppm (parts per million: 1 ppm = 0,0001%). As achieving such accuracy at very high current levels is  challenging in measurement technology, the company used closed-loop Fluxgate technology to address the problem. This provides initial offset error of under 2 ppm; linearity in the range of 1 – 10 ppm and thermal drift of 0,1 to 0,6 ppm/K. These transducers deliver measurements as an output current or voltage: they also provide outputs indicating the transducer state. Indications include whether the transducer is operational or not; if the measured current is extremely low or high, or if the transducer is in overload condition.

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