Digital twin technology to leverage 5G networks

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Neural Technologies demonstrated how digital twin technology can transform operators services at TM Forum Digital Transformation World as part of the  Digital Twins Catalyst project. A digital twin mirrors a physical counterpart to represent, predict and forecast its behaviour, enabling operators to make informed business decisions. The digital twin can also speed up product development cycles, save time and money and create new business models based on intelligent outcomes allowing communication service providers (CSPs) to personalise the customer experience and meet their demands. It enables CSPs to run meaningful simulations capable of producing behavioural insights. For the digital twin technology to be possible, a common data model is essential. All data needs to be classified and structured in the same way for the digital twin technology to perform. Using a digital twin can determine where there will be a significant increase on latency within the network and then share that information with the customer’s digital twin to find out who is going to be affected to determine the best response.

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