Digitalised on-the-spot crime mapping and analysis

August 7th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

With South Africa’s murder rate almost six times the global average, South Africans are 13% more likely to be murdered than six years ago. The reduction of crime remains one of the major challenges facing South Africa’s law enforcement agencies. GIS has become a vital tool to facilitate policy and assist forensic investigations through digitalised on-the-spot crime mapping and analysis. The lack of formal street addresses, especially in informal settlements, significantly affects the response rate/time of crime investigations. GeoTerraImage combines various information and technology sources to enable law enforcement agencies and other emergency services to react rapidly during an event. Combining GTI’s latest Building Based Land Use (BBLU) dataset with the geocoding capabilities of Mapcodes, What3Words and Google Plus Codes, improves the effectiveness and pace of operations by emergency services. With the ability to access recent information through a mobile app or adding additional descriptions about the victim and crime scene, new interventions becomes attainable. By layering the information with the company’s Demographic, Population and Neighbourhood Lifestyle Index (NLI) information, ordinary analysis can be converted to comparative and explanatory analysis, improving the capacity of forensic investigators to solve a crime and assisting authorities to better understand, manage and address the causes of crime and evaluate the effectiveness of intervention strategies.

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