Digitisation needs new skills

August 5th, 2019, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Smart grid investments by municipal and public power utilities typically focus on electric distribution and customer systems. The expected benefits include lower costs, better customer service and more reliable and efficient electric system operations. The uptake in South Africa has not reached its potential and Taru Madangombe, VP of power systems in Southern Africa for Schneider Electric, comments: “This energy revolution is causing dynamic changes in the market. One of the major challenges is the unavailability of good technical competencies, as people need to adapt from traditional power systems, with labour intensive practices, to a new model based on digitisation. This Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), ushering in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), requires new skills and expertise based on digital expertise. In the implementation of a smart grid system, there is a gap between the available skills and understanding of the system. We are involved in the updating of digital training courses at universities and technical colleges across South Africa and in the Anglophone region (including East Africa). These skills need to address the region’s requirements of new connectivity, new mobility, remoteness of regions and how you make systems more efficient, smarter and reliable.”

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