DIN-rail mount programmable transmitter

September 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

Calog Instruments’ Calog by Instrotech DPM9000 series, a miniature DIN-rail mount programmable isolated transmitter range, has consistently sold well, partly due to its reliability and partly to the versatile wide range of programmable inputs. This series is a space-saver with dimensions of 92 x 92 x 26 mm. Configuration and field calibration are done via any Windows-based computer or tablet, running the SmartView software, available for download on the Instrotech website. The DPM9000 transmitter offers complete three-way isolation between power supply, input and output. The inputs are programmable to accept thermocouples of type J; K; N; R; S; T and W5, RTD’s of type Pt100 or Ni100, mV inputs up to 52 mV, 0 – 20 mA /4 – 20 mA inputs, volt inputs up to 10 V, potentiometer inputs and frequency inputs from NPN / PNP proximity switches. Integral two-wire transmitter power is supplied as standard with the units, as well as a precision reference for potentiometer inputs.

Contact Instrotech, Tel 010 595-1831, sales@instrotech.co.za

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