Drive system for energy efficiency

June 2nd, 2015, Published in Articles: Vector


SEW-FRONT-COVER-182-06-2015Energy costs can constitute up to 90% of the lifecycle costs of systems which have not been optimised. SEW-Eurodrive is addressing this issue through its effiDRIVE energy-saving solution. Even a single efficiency-optimised drive component can positively impact a system’s overall energy balance. The modular energy-saving system only includes components with optimised energy efficiency. Combining these optimised components from the modular energy-saving system can result in 70% energy savings. The solution is suited ideally for industries including food and beverage, airport logistics, building ventilation systems and for intralogistics such as storage and retrieval systems. It can be retrofitted onto existing machines and systems. Local manufacturers and clients must minimise operating costs while maintaining existing infrastructure and capacity while lowering plant power requirements and improve stability. The introduction of energy consulting to the current SEW-Eurodrive South Africa business unit service is a natural extension of the mechatronic product portfolio and is aimed at assisting current and future clients with energy efficient solutions.

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