Drone flights set BVLOS records

March 17th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

In-Flight Data, a Canadian commercial drone operator, has been awarded three Guinness World Records for drone flights recently carried out as part of a beyond visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) project. The records were awarded for “Longest cumulative BVLOS battery-powered UAV flight: 2723,04 km”; “Longest cumulative urban flight for a BVLOS civilian UAV (small class – up to 25 kg): 414 km,” and “Longest single urban flight for a BVLOS civilian UAV (small class – up to 25 kg): 40 km.” The records were awarded for BVLOS flights conducted in Calgary, Alberta, which saw the City of Calgary commission In-Flight Data to collect mapping data for the development of Calgary’s first new cemetery since 1940. This resulted in the company completing North America’s first urban BVLOS drone project in a major urban area. Using a SenseFly eBee Plus fixed-wing drone, the company successfully conducted a total of 414 km BVLOS flight, at an average distance of 2,35 km from the pilot. The BVLOS operations helped reduce the environmental impact of the cemetery project, ensuring minimal disruption to local wildlife. The data was delivered to the City of Calgary to support the development of the new graveyard site. It will also help drive future innovation in High River and the city of Calgary as a whole.

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