Drone management platform integrates accounting tool

September 13th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Dronecloud has announced invoicing integration into its drone management application, further reducing time spent on admin tasks. The widely used Xero cloud accountancy package is the first of many integrations planned for the platform, and will be followed in the accountancy module by QuickBooks in the coming weeks. Users of the managing app and their clients have enjoyed the ability to discuss and agree on quotes within a job since its inception. Those clients can now automate invoicing and gain financial insights with their preferred accounting package, increasing efficiency across their entire workflow. The Dronecloud platform is an all-in-one business and compliance solution for drone operations. Capable of managing all aspects of a drone operation, it integrates all the elements necessary from client communications and CRM to flight planning. The cloud-based app automatically creates a regulation-compliant audit trail through drone and air traffic data analytics into the business workflow. The platform combines both business and technical data streams, starting by moving quoting and specification of jobs from e-mail onto the collaborative interface. It then integrates a range of more complex tools, traditionally managed on a host of separate on and offline packages such as spreadsheets and specialist packages.

Contact Dronecloud, hello@dronecloud.io

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