Drone used for major boiler inspection

August 4th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Skyriders Access Specialists deployed its Elios SkyEye confined-space drone for the first time in the large internal space of the back-pass ducting at a major coal-fired power station in Limpopo. The back-pass ducting conveys the hot exhaust gases and fly ash to the precipitators, and ultimately to the smokestack. This space measures 6 m by 6 m, and is about 35 m high, which means that installing the necessary scaffolding in order to gain access for any inspection purposes is costly compared to the end result, which may even be that no repair is necessary. The company used its Elios SkyEye drone to inspect the entire area rapidly and thoroughly. If any repair work such as welding or further non-destructive testing is required, highly qualified and experienced rope access technicians can be deployed. This deployment reduces the cost of using a traditional access method such as scaffolding by as much as 80%. In addition to the inspection process itself, the company also provides a complete report and analysis for the client, detailing its findings, and providing any recommendations.

Contact Mike Zinn, Skyriders, Tel (011) 312-1418, mike@ropeaccess.co.za

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