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April 18th, 2013, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Memosens is based on non-contact data transmission between sensor and cable that makes the system absolutely robust against external influences such as moisture, corrosion and salt bridges. Unpleasant surprises from measuring point failures caused by these factors are a thing of the past – and maintenance work such as calibration and sensor replacement can be planned in advance. Moreover, sensors with digital Memosens technology are intelligent. In addition to calibration data, they save information such as operating hours under various conditions and the tag name. As a result, their use is not tied to a specific transmitter. Sensors can be calibrated under optimal conditions in the lab and all associated data is stored in a database. Reports are created simply by clicking a button. These options are unheard of for calibration on a process transmitter or would involve time-consuming and error-prone work by hand. The Memosens package is rounded out by pH buffers manufactured in a buffer lab accredited by German agency DaKKs and by Memocheck products. These Memocheck products can simulate Memosens sensors (choice of measuring values, calibrationand status) and thus make an essential contribution to simple validation of the measuring point and to troubleshooting.

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