Earthing and bonding courses

May 25th, 2018, Published in Articles: Vector

Three earthing and bonding courses will be presented at the ECA’s Meadowdale offices in July, August and September this year. The two-day course has been specifically designed for registered electrical contractors who want to deliver a more comprehensive service to clients and for electricians who would like to improve their knowledge and understanding of earthing and bonding.

Topics to be covered include the regulations and standards for earthing and bonding; testing techniques and calculations; earthing of lightning masts; protection of PV installations, and earthing in specialised environments.

Earthing – or grounding as it is sometimes called in other countries – is crucial to safety. From an Electrical Engineering perspective, earth is considered a zero-potential point, and provides a common reference point to measure other potential differences in systems, namely voltage.

Earthing and bonding also protect valuable equipment from surges and lightning strikes and, ultimately, reduce company downtime. Insurance claims due to damage from stray surges and strikes will be minimised and could reduce insurance premiums.

Courses will be presented on:

  • 5 and 6 July.
  • 23 and 24 August.
  • 29 and 30 November.

All training provided by the ECA training ESWETA-accredited.

To find out more about the course or to register, contact Leola Peterson at the Highveld office, on 010 271-0686

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