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February 14th, 2012, Published in Articles: Vector

The ECA(SA) is currently redesigning its website to include improvements which may very well give us the edge over similar websites.

Navigation will be easy and members will find the site user-friendly with the new design. The website will essentially have a better “feel”. The design is based on how visitors browse while keeping in mind that some visitors are still new to the internet.

Integration of live feeds from popular magazines such as EE Publishers’ Vector magazine will ensure that the website is never dull or static. This will help address frequency and flow of ECA(SA) information.

The website will offer virtually unlimited advertising space and the advertisements will be highly visible, yet not intrusive or distracting. Only full-sized banners will be available since no interest has been shown in half-banner advertising over the last two years.

The website will be integrated with Google Analytics, which will provide us with accurate information regarding the number of visitors per month, demographics etc. This is essential for advertising purposes, since advertisers require these statistics to determine the viability of advertising on the website.

Only popular fonts and layouts are used as this will provide the visitor with a sense of familiarity in terms of popular websites they use daily. This will make them “feel at home” and increase the time spent on the website which, in return, will improve the website’s statistics.

The website will use open source technology (as opposed to a hybrid approach), eliminating pricey software upgrades. The technology we are using is faster, safer and much more stable and reliable.

We are using md5 encryption for the first time, making the website virtually hacker proof. This will come in handy should be decide to include sensitive information on the website. Passwords are now case sensitive.

The website will integrate with Facebook, allowing people to comment on information such as articles. We already have a Facebook page and it is doing well at the moment. The benefits of using Facebook integration are numerous.

Contact Steville Hattingh, ECA, Tel 012 342-3242,

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