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Members who are paying Skills Development Levies (SDLs) are reminded that they could claim back 50% of levies paid. This is on condition that they complete and submit a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) for 2012/2013 and an Annual Training Report (ATR) for 2011/2012 to the construction Ceta no later than 30 June 2012.

Please note the following:

  • The on-line WSP/ATR forms have been made available on the Ceta’s website, www.ceta.org.za.

  • A cancelled cheque and signed authorisation page must be submitted on or before 30 June 2012.

  • Member companies who do not submit the WSP/ATR by the due date will forfeit their Mandatory Grant Application for 2012/2013.

  • Late submissions will not be accepted and extensions will not be granted.

Please direct any enquiries in this regard to the ECA office or you could contact Belinda Nel at the Ceta office in Port Elizabeth on Tel 041 363-1711 or Fax 041 363-1716.

Uploading of Ceta WSP/ATR for 2012/2013

To assist members who pay SDL levies with the uploading of their 2012/2013 WSP, we provide the following information:

  • Go to www.ceta.org.za.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click on the “Ceta Management System” icon.

  • A page will open where you need to log in by means of a username and password.

  • If this is your first submission, click on the “register as a kills development facilitator” icon.

  • Provide all the personal details on the page displayed.

  • Prepare a letter on your company letterhead stating that your company is making a first time submission to Ceta, and that the company has appointed you as its skills development facilitator (SDF).

  • Ensure that a certified copy of the ID of the person appointed as SDF by your company is attached to the letter.

  • Mail the original of this letter to the Ceta at the following address:

Suite 301 Fairview House, Fairview Office Park, 72 Ring Road, Greenacres 6045 or P.O. Box 70630, The Bridge, Port Elizabeth 6032. Mark the letter for the attention of Belinda Nel.

On receipt of the letter from your company, Belinda will accept your SDF on the Ceta computer system. Once accepted, you will be able to access the WSP 2012/2013 which you must complete by no later than 30 June 2012.

If this is your first submission, you need not submit an Annual Training Report (ATR). Members who did submit WSPs and ATRs in 2011, simply log on using your username and password. Click on the WSP tab and provide the required information.

Contract price adjustments provisions (CPAP)

As of 1 March 2012, ownership of the monthly CPAP (escalation) indices has been transferred from JBCC to Statistics South Africa. Previously, ownership of the indices vested in JBCC, who provided industry with the document on payment of an annual subscription fee.

Since March 2012, the indices, published as Statistical Release P0151, are provided free of charge to users and are now available at www.statssa.gov.za.

At the CPAP meeting held in Midrand on 23 May 2012, it was announced that indices dating back to 1991 are now available from Statistics South Africa in PDF format only, on request.

It was acknowledged during the meeting that Statistics South Africa does not have sufficient expertise and capacity to evaluate, monitor and revise the indices on a regular basis.

The CPAP committee will therefore continue to function in an advisory capacity to attend to the revision of the different work groups on an ongoing basis, depending on the needs of the stakeholders in the construction industry.

In the interim, Industry Insight, a private service provider, will continue monitoring the indices as an independent party in the interest of users of the CPAP.

The CPAP committee resolved that this particular service be put out on public tender, once the service provider specification and tender documentation had been finalised by Statistics South Africa.

Minor changes have been made to the CPAP Indices Application manual. Indications are that the manual would also be available free of charge in future.

Of major importance to members is a proposal to reduce the current non-adjustable portion of the adjustment formula from 15% to 10%. Members have maintained for a long period of time that a 15% fixed element is unfair to contractors and that they should be allowed, as with other escalation formulas, to negotiate the portion of the contract sum which would not be subject to escalation individually for every separate project.

Niehter the National Public Works Department (NPWD) representative on CPAP nor delegates representing the professional parties, were prepared to accept such a situation. They felt that it would complicate the adjudication process.

All the constituent bodies on the CPAP committee agreed to obtain a formal mandate for the reduction of the non-adjustable element of the formula from 15% to 10% to make a formal decision in this regard at the next meeting on 22 August 2012.

Trade test: Electrician (Construction)

Members in East London will be pleased to know that Master Artisan Academy (MAASA) in East London is now a CETA-accredited decentralised trade test centre for the trade Electrician (Construction).

MAASA, which is situated at Unit 40, Frame Park, Chiselhurst, East London, also offers pre-trade test assessments for Section 28 candidates, as well as trade test preparation courses for apprentices and learners.

Contact Lucas Bowles, regional director, East and South Cape

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