Energy management systems becoming even more important

April 6th, 2016, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

The need for reliable power solutions has been a hot topic in the data centre industry for some years. Responding to this need, Schneider Electric advocates energy management systems as being a key component of ensuring reliable power, and recently published a revised version of a white paper that was initially published more than ten years ago on this very topic. Titled “How energy management helps maximise power reliability”, the paper stated that customers critically needed energy management systems because the electrical power grid, on its own, wasn’t reliable enough to consistently deliver power to increasingly vital IT data centres. During the revision of the white paper, it became  evident that energy management systems are still vitally important today. Mitigating measures have however changed slightly – data centre operators do not only focus on basic power supply principles, but are continuously applying new technologies to ensure that energy power management is aligned with the complexity of IT solutions as well as challenging environmental factors. In terms of new technologies that are fast becoming industry trends, eco-mode UPS systems and so-called free power quality  techniques are at the forefront of the power game.

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