Can hybrid nuclear plants offer a solution to today’s nuclear waste?

  The dream of a future generation of reactors which use the spent fuel of today’s reactor fleet to power them has been around for many years. This dream may become a reality with proposed hybrid reactors under development, which have the potential to extract almost 100% of the energy present in nuclear fuel. What […]

Hydro2015 – what was it all about

  Maritime boundary disputes around Africa and the on-going seabed search for missing flight MH370 were among the highlights of Hydro2015 which was held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from 23 to 25 November 2015. Steve Smith, the president of the Hydrographic Society of South Africa (HSSA) welcomed the delegates to the conference […]

Wobbles in the sustainability of renewable energy…

  International solar power developer Abengoa (NASDAQ: ABGB), with three concentrating solar power (CSP) projects in South Africa, started insolvency proceedings on Wednesday 25 November 2015, perhaps signalling an overheating of the global renewable energy sector, and a correction in the trajectory of adoption of renewable energy in the face of reduced prices for fossil […]

Eskom: from a crisis of capacity, to a crisis of rising prices, declining demand and funding

  An energy sector leader recently observed that the electricity crisis in South Africa is maturing (perhaps like cheese), from generation capacity issues, to issues of the electricity price, tariffs, the price elasticity of demand, and the capacity of Eskom to finance its generation, transmission and distribution activities. Amid the onset of regular load shedding in late 2014, a […]