Electrical engineering firm opens local factory

November 29th, 2013, Published in Articles: Energize

Electrical engineering company AMP Control has established a technology and manufacturing facility in Johannesburg. The company offers electrical equipment including flameproof gate end boxes, substations and a wide range of transformers for use in the mineral and metal mining, industrial and utility  sectors. The company currently operates from separate facilities in Denver and Wadeville, but will be consolidated into a single,
10 000 m2 building in January 2014. The company’s managing director, Edwin Bauer, says that it will be able to manufacture new product lines including conveyor safety controls and environmental monitoring solutions, including its gas filled explosion-proof mining transformer, at its new manufacturing plant which employs technologies and processes to ensure high quality control and manufacturing throughput, resulting in reduced lead times. An on-site training centre will be used to teach clients how to operate its power distribution and electrical systems as well as to increase the skills of the company’s 170 employees.

Contact Edwin Bauer, AMP Control, Tel 011 622 2606, edwin.bauer@ampcontrolgroup.co.za

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