The proposed Scrap Metal Dealer Act (South Africa)

November 27th, 2013, Published in Articles: Vector

Something that I feel is necessary and is becoming a big concern in South Africa is cable theft.

Cable theft is putting a big dent in our industry never mind the loss of income due to this on-going problem. I started to look around other countries to see if this is also a big concern and did find some guidance to combat cable theft. I also spoke to a few inspectors in other countries and as electrical inspectors (Internationally) we all think the same. So our answer lies in the scrap metal industry.

Now why would I say that you may ask?

The fact of the matter is if we do not restrict the trade of scrap metal or the sell or buying of this scrap metal dealers we will keep on losing this endless fight. Just like the elephant and rhino poaching there is a market for people to kill and steel.

The solutions is quite simple, we implement a Scrap Metal Act that will control the scrap metal dealers in our country. This consolidates dealers and motor salvage operators under one licensing regime, makes it tougher to get a licence and allows councils or government to revoke it, and requires sellers to provide ID at the point of sale and have it recorded by the dealer. It also makes it easier for police and Department of labour inspectors to inspect sites, raises the level of fines that can be issued for offences, and creates a central public register (hosted by the DOL enforcement inspectors) of all licensed dealers. It might not make the problem just disappear but if will most definitely help.

So will Department of Labour here our call? Or send us in the right direction.

Any one that agrees with me can we then start a petition that we can submit to the Department.

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