Electrical master planning for the fourth industrial revolution

November 22nd, 2019, Published in Articles: Energize

Smart cities, driven by the fourth industrial revolution (4th IR), seems to be the buzzword in infrastructure development and procurement today – but what informs these decisions, and are we making smart ones? Existing methodologies are outdated and not sufficient to address long-term planning for the ever-changing power system. A modern methodology for developing a full master plan, from LV to HV level, is presented in this article.

Fig. 1: Master model concept

The master plan is developed in a modern software package which combines and consolidates several datasets into one geospatial master model viewer. Load analysis, demand patterns, the network model and GIS are combined into one tool to develop a comprehensive master plan using data aggregation and analytics.

Load forecasting and analysis is done through analysis of the utility’s billing system and MDs and ADMDs are thus based on the utility’s own data. Each stand in the utility is geospatially linked to a supply point in the network model. The master plan is then finally presented through an auto-generated master plan report with projects and costing of said projects. All of this can be viewed on an online web view platform which enables users to interact with the master plan, instead of it just being a simplistic pdf document.

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