Eliminating homelessness with the help of data

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Tableau Foundation and Community Solutions invested $1,3-million in software, services, and financial support to help eliminate veteran and chronic homelessness in 50 communities across the US by 2025. The partnership will help to expand the use of data and analytics in the Community Solutions’ Built for Zero programme. Powered by Tableau’s visual analytics platform, Community Solutions will help local leaders scale a proven model that helps communities determine the most effective intervention models for ending homelessness. Built for Zero helps Continuums of Care consortium implement coordinated data systems that help communities understand how to use data to improve outcomes and track an end to homelessness. Built for Zero dashboards are decision support tools to help communities understand what programmes and interventions would be the most effective. They allow administrators to visualise their monthly flow of people entering into homelessness in their community, and break this group down even further into more detailed categories, to get a clearer understanding of who is in their system and what their needs are. They also allow service providers and local government agencies to move from working with aggregate-level data to person-level data.

Contact Steve Schwartz, Tableau Foundation, sschwartz@tableau.com

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