Electronic differential pressure measurement system

March 14th, 2013, Published in Articles: Vector

The Deltabar FMD72 electronic differential pressure measurement system has been recently introduced to the market by Endress+Hauser. This system uses two pressure sensor modules connected to a single transmitter, thus eliminating the need for impulse lines or capillaries. Traditional capillary and impulse line systems have well-known issues with icing up, clogging, leaky taps, dry/wet leg inconsistencies and temperature effects. With the Deltabar FMD72, you have a reliable, safe and cost- effective answer to these issues. While ambient temperature changes cause measurement drift, up to 95% of the measurement drift in traditional systems can be eliminated with this new technology. And, a faster response (up to ten times faster) can be obtained .from this system. This new system concept is cost effective because of the reduction in time required for installation and maintenance. It also offers a simplified spares concept where individual components of the system can be replaced as needed.

Contact Natlee Chetty, Endress+Hauser, Tel 011 262-8000, info@za.endress.com

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