Temperature probes made from SD75 alloy

June 13th, 2013, Published in Articles: Vector

Temperature is a critical measurement in waste plant furnaces. The release of harmful emissions is avoided by burning the waste at an optimum temperature. To record the temperature in the furnace accurately, three or more temperature thermowells are inserted into the furnace directly above the flame. Due to the incredibly harsh conditions in the furnace, conventional probes made from Incoly 800HT alloy will typically fail after three or four months of service. As the probes are sited in an elevated position, changing them can be difficult. In addition, each time the furnace is opened there is the possibility that cooler air will enter or that hot gases will escape, both of which can decrease the efficiency of the process and cause health and safety concerns. Over a 12-month trial period, two Endress+Hauser probes made from the new SD75 alloy were used alongside standard thermowells. In a like-for-like comparison, the new probes lasted at least three times longer than their Incoly 800HT counterparts.

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