Call for papers for SARPA’s annual convention

  The Southern Africa Revenue Protection Association (SARPA) extends a call for papers for its 18th Annual Convention which is to be held from 10 to 11 July 2014, in Knysna. This convention aims to share information and knowledge between role-players in the revenue protection environment for utilities. The convention will address revenue protection (RP) […]

49M congratulates eta awards winners

  Andrew Etzinger, spokesperson for 49M, said that the organisation commends the winners for their innovation and commitment to energy efficiency, and that the quality of entries indicated that South Africans were heeding the call to reduce their energy consumption. This year’s submissions ranged from an innovative smokeless stove, designed for use by those without […]

Solar PVs proliferate In Australia

  Electricity demand has fallen by 4,3% in Australia since 2009, but this cannot be blamed on the 2008 global financial crisis as Australia has actually prospered through the crisis. Moreover, according to Hugh Saddler, a consultant in Canberra, there is no reason to believe that this is a temporary phenomenon. Saddler identified four main factors, including energy […]

Restructuring of the Electricity Distribution Industry: a proposal

  The South African Local Government Association (SALGA) hosted a workshop last year to debate possible alternative approaches to the Electricity Distribution Industry (EDI) performance and restructuring, following a number of criticisms by parliamentarians, large customers and the media, of the industry tariffs (mainly municipal) and performance. The workshop was attended by several members of […]

City introduces landfill gas to electricity projects

The City of Johannesburg has implemented two landfill gas-to-energy projects. At the Robinson Deep landfill site and the Marie Louise project, landfill gas is extracted, combusted and flared as carbon dioxide, to generate electricity. Soon, a total of 19 MW of electricity will be generated from five landfill sites, which could be used by about […]

Copper helps to power the winds of change

  Copper helps to power the winds of change The rapid growth of renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, tidal, hydro, biomass, and geothermal in recent years has been as a response to the increasing costs of fossil fuels as well as their negative environmental impacts. In 2012, the global wind power market grew […]

SARPA gains international seat

The president of SARPA, Michael Rhode, was elected to serve on the International Utilities Revenue Protection Association (IURPA) at their recent annual conference held at South Lake, Tahoe in California. Rhode says that this election places SARPA on the international agenda and serves as global recognition for the work that the organisation does in the […]

Energize speaks to Leon Viljoen, CEO of ABB

by Mike Rycroft, features editor Leon Viljoen has re-joined ABB again after an absence of thirteen years, this time as its CEO. Energize spoke to him about the company’s plans for the foreseeable future. How has your experience of this new position been so far? I have enjoyed it tremendously. I worked for ABB previously, […]

Newcomer wins innovation award

An empowerment newcomer to the South African bottled gas market, KayaGas, has been recognized by the South African National Energy Association (SANEA) with an award for its “significant contribution” to the energy environment. The company is known for taking on the established LPG distributors with an innovative low-cost approach as it attempts to bring cheaper, […]

Call for papers and advertising in Energize RE, May 2014

Renewable Energy Supplement in Energize After the successful first issue of Energize RE, the special Renewable Energy supplement Energize magazine, in July 2013, EE Publishers is producing a second issue of Energize RE to be published in May 2014. Click here to view the previous issue of Energize RE The second issue of Energize RE […]