Brochure outlining contactors

Gigavac have released a new brochure outlining their expanding range of contactors. This includes: GX series of commercial contactors (800 V/600 A); MX Series (military specified contactors, 48 V up to 1000 A); MiniTactor (low cost sealed contactors up to 1500 V/50 A); HX series (high voltage contactors, 1500 V/350 A); Sensing contactors (voltage sensing […]

Protection for wound rotor motors

Wound rotor motors are typically used in applications requiring high starting torques, a limited number of operating speeds, or a stepped acceleration to achieve a soft start. Designed to protect wound rotor motors used on winches or overhead cranes, NewElec’s 330 Series low voltage electronic motor protection relay, when placed in the crane operator’s cabin, […]

Radiation monitors for Angolan custom officials

The OEN Enterprises’ section representing ThermoScientific radiation detection instrumentation recently supplied various radiation monitors to the Angolan Customs Department for use at their entry points to detect radioactive material. The order included interceptors, personal dosimeters, and sensitive radiation detectors. The company’s electronic personal dosimeter (EPD) reliably alerts personnel of potentially dangerous ionising radiation when working […]

Atomeco 2013 international forum

A panel discussion on the environmental issues of the civil application of nuclear energy took place in Moscow on 30 October as part of the AtomEco 2013 International Forum. The forum is aimed to create a platform for discussions on environmental security of nuclear industry both in Russia and worldwide, particularly in respect of radioactive […]

Auto-focus thermal imaging cameras

Comtest has announced the release of a trio of new Fluke high-definition, industrial-performance digital cameras, the Ti400, Ti300 and Ti200, which are equipped with LaserSharpTM Auto Focus. While not new technology, Fluke has taken it a step further, producing perfectly focused images, every time.  Users of infrared camera technology rate focus as the single most […]

Foreign-funded solar park in the Free State

SunEdison announced the groundbreaking and financial closure of the 66 MW Boshof Solar Park, which the company was awarded from round two of the REIPPP. Pashupathy Gopalan, the company’s president and managing director, told a press conference recently that the company had received R2,4-billion in funding for the project from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation […]

Solar firm reaches cost reduction milestone

In issuing third quarter 2013 financial results, thin-film market leader First Solar reported its largest quarterly decline in its CdTe module cost per watt since 2007. As a result of its manufacturing cost reduction program, highlighted earlier in the year at its Analyst Day event, the company said it had successfully met significant milestones in […]

US for new small and medium-sized nuclear installations

At a time of increasing global demand for electricity and an ongoing need for safe, reliable and economical sources of energy, the US has proven itself the most attractive country for the construction of additional small and medium-sized reactors (SMRs), according to a new report from research and consulting firm GlobalData. The company’s latest report […]

Smart grid system reduces power outages on university campus

S&C Electric Company has announced the completion of a high-speed self-healing fault-clearing system at Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) in Portales, USA. The project is part of the university’s plan to improve power reliability and reduce outages. The company, in conjunction with a consultancy, developed a solution using a 15 kV remote supervisory Vista underground […]

More biogas production registered

The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) has announced that it has approved the registration of six biogas production operations at Izimpongo Village, Melmoth, and Mgwabi Village at Eshowe in rural KwaZulu-Natal. This brings the total number of  gas production operations which have been registered by NERSA to 38 since 2011. Section 28 of […]