Economic growth, leadership and energy

  The important role that coal has played in South Africa’s economic development is often downplayed in the modern world where fossil fuels are often denigrated.  The fact is that coal supplies over 70% of the country’s energy needs and over 90% of its electricity requirements. Although these percentages must and will decline in the […]

Why Eskom will not permit wholesale installation of grid-tied rooftop PV

  Recent pressures of supply constraints in South Africa and international trends of switching to cheaper environmentally friendly electricity supply options have led to the increasing deployment of renewable small-scale power generation to end users in bulk and at individual household level. This is referred to as embedded generation (EG). It is greatly encouraged through […]

Peering into the future of the electricity sector

  The electricity supply sector, for most, has to be one of the most boring sectors around. Electricity production is a simple process but operated on a huge scale. The sector has high capital costs but the product never changes so risks are low. For all the differences in geography, political systems and wealth of […]