Eskom: from a crisis of capacity, to a crisis of rising prices, declining demand and funding

  An energy sector leader recently observed that the electricity crisis in South Africa is maturing (perhaps like cheese), from generation capacity issues, to issues of the electricity price, tariffs, the price elasticity of demand, and the capacity of Eskom to finance its generation, transmission and distribution activities. Amid the onset of regular load shedding in late 2014, a […]

Economic growth, leadership and energy

  The important role that coal has played in South Africa’s economic development is often downplayed in the modern world where fossil fuels are often denigrated.  The fact is that coal supplies over 70% of the country’s energy needs and over 90% of its electricity requirements. Although these percentages must and will decline in the […]

Energize Inbox, Nov/Dec 2015

Our winning letter re: Energy efficiency measures and the rebound effect Sir Thank you for the interesting article on the rebound effect which was published on page 59 of the October 2015 edition of Energize. Some research have been undertaken on this topic in South Africa which found it to be severe in some areas. […]