Energize Inbox, Jan/Feb 2014

  This month’s letters are from readers who wrote to us about small modular reactors, and a solar farm near his town. EE Publishers’ new website details are outlined below. This month’s winning letter! Regarding SMRs being the ideal nuclear solution Sir, Thanks for the interesting article, published in Energize, December 2013, titled “SMRs: The […]

A call to unbundle Eskom

by John Whybrow This article examines the generation and distribution of electricity in this present volatile environment, and proposes that Eskom should be unbundled, as was recommended in 2010 by a former CEO, into two separate entities which together comprise the utility’s core business. There is good reason for separating generation from distribution, and in […]

Predictions for the global energy and environment market

Frost and Sullivan has released its three big predictions for the global energy and environment market. Based on a “2013 Search for Growth” survey which involved 1835 executives in more than 40 countries, the insight highlights new areas of growth. According to the new findings, urbanisation and smart cities will drive changing market dynamics for […]

Medupi’s delays threaten to stifle the economy

by Roger Lilley, editor Recent events indicate that Eskom should concentrate on generating power and leave new build projects to professional project managers. The Medupi power station is two years late for a number of reasons, a major contributor being the boiler protection software which is part of the plant’s control and instrumentation system, and […]

Energize winning letter: Municipal maintenance

This month’s winning letter compares the NERSA compliance scores of municipalities which have outsourced their maintenance to those that have not.  Download the PDF document

The future of residential estates

Over the past 12 months, business and property developers in the high-income sector (houses priced at over R1-million) have started to leverage existing infrastructure to encourage the use of gas. They have implemented gas-to-power and gas-to-heat technologies respectively to counter the effects of increasing electricity tariffs and uncertainties in security of energy supply with the […]

The Jacob Marley column: Christmas wishes

Sir As usual at this time of the year, I went to visit the Three Ghosts of Christmas to enquire what their wishes in this season of goodwill would be. The senior Ghost of Christmas Past was naturally hankering back to the good old days of sixpacks, cheap coal and even cheaper electricity in abundant […]

Why nuclear must improve its communications efforts

Communications around the Fukushima accident were never going to be easy. But a carefree handling of the safety scale used has possibly done more harm than good. The nuclear industry, understandably indulgent with the Japanese administration in the immediate aftermath of the Fukushima accident that happened in March 2011, has been growing increasingly impatient with […]

Energy efficiency is energy gain

Like many other perennial debates, the one about the rebound effect simply refuses to go away. The basic argument is that if you replace an inefficient car, or light bulb, or refrigerator with a more efficient one – everything else being equal – the typical consumer will drive farther, use more light and buy bigger […]