Energy logger helps cut utility surcharges and power waste

July 24th, 2015, Published in Articles: Energize


1730 Energy logger hanging tool_300dpi_100x84mm_D_NR-16205 copyAt commercial buildings and industrial plants, energy costs can quickly add up, especially when older lighting systems are in place, motors age and the compressed air lines snaking around the plant leak, requiring unnecessary cycling of compressors. In many cases, utilities tack on power factor and demand penalties for customers whose power systems have reactive loads that pass out-of-phase voltage and current into the grid. Energy surveys are commissioned from special consultants or done in-house with the idea that the cost of the service can be offset by the savings realised by identifying how power factor can be managed and where more efficient equipment is in order. Fluke’s 1730 three-phase energy logger, provides energy consultants, plant electricians and electrical contractors with a powerful yet simple tool to record power parameters and harmonics, and capture voltage events which can uncover electrical energy waste.

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