Reflecting on an engineering way of life

  Reflecting on a rich and exciting career spanning 40-years, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) CEO and resident Prof. Howard Michel described an engineering spirit as the golden thread that weaves it together. Addressing a crowd of students, staff and engineers at the University of Johannesburg’s public lecture series hosted by the Faculty […]

ITDMs survey: Tablets said to improve workplace productivity and mobility

  The results of an International Tablet survey of IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) indicate that current implementation of tablets in the workplace – citing increasing mobility and productivity – is good for business while getting a favourable reception from employees. Commissioned by Dell, the 2014 International Tablet Survey of ITDMs in ten countries was conducted […]

ICASA approves Vodacom’s acquisition of Neotel but with tough conditions

  During June 2015 the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) approved Neotel’s application for the transfer of control, subject to the finalisation of conditions in respect of the fulfilment of 30% of HDI and rollout conditions. In order to finalise these conditions, the Authority has embarked on a public consultation process and has […]