Hands off: 2 GHz is for WiFi traffic

  Half of the traffic on the internet travels via WiFi in the licence-free spectrum of the 2 GHz band, however industry experts see potential problems ahead as mobile operators are eyeing the licence-free spectrum as useful spectrum for LTE back-hauling. The WiFi  spectrum must be protected, say industry leaders. The Wireless Access Providers’ Association […]

Bernard Price Memorial Lecture honours South African lightning researchers

  “South Africa, and the Gauteng region in particular, has been the home to formal lightning research for almost a century. It has probably been the prime site to observe lightning for thousands of years,” said Prof. Ian Jandrell at the 63rd Bernard Price Memorial lecture. He paid tribute to the many South African researchers […]

Modern solutions for electric power systems

   “Modern Solutions” discusses topics crucial to an understanding of power system complexities and trends, and addresses the most pressing concerns and challenges of today’s electric power systems and proposes solutions for them. Edited by Héctor J. Altuve Ferrer and Edmund O. Schweitzer III, this book combines the expertise of 15 engineers working at Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories on […]