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All too many data centre operators are unable to answer simple questions about their data centres; such as where best to deploy a new server from a power and cooling perspective, and when they will reach the limits of their power and cooling infrastructure. This is according to Michelle Souza, programme manager at Schneider Electric’s […]

Mercedes-Benz on show at Las Vegas

  Mercedes-Benz took an unconventional approach to showing the new C-Class. An augmented reality app brought the car to life on the show stand, providing visitors with a digital preview of the vehicle prior to its world premiere at the Detroit Motor Show. The CES is renowned for entertainment electronics. In the North Hall, Mercedes-Benz […]

High-power UPS protection in parallel

  The EPower UPS is designed to protect your electronic equipment against power blackouts, sags, surges and high/low voltages. The EPower series is a true online double conversion transformer-based UPS with a 0,9 power factor. The units are sized from 10 – 800 kVA, and have the ability to allow up to four units in […]

Without satellite, cloud service is just a concept

  According to Q-Kon, cloud services are entirely dependent on reliable networks and none of the current available options – including ADSL, 3G or satellite on its own – offer the level of reliability required to accommodate critical business networks on the cloud. In order to offer the high reliability that will make businesses move […]

Vehicle tracking and security devices chosen

Swiss-based U-blox  has been chosen by California-based CalAmp as GPS receiver and cellular modem supplier for their new line of vehicle tracking, anti-theft and insurance telematics devices designed especially for the Brazilian market. CalAmp develops and markets wireless communications solutions that deliver data, voice and video for critical networked communication applications such as fleet and […]

Local linux-based OS developments

Guinnux is a Linux-based operating system distribution developed locally by Keystone Electronic Solutions. Version 3.0 has been announced with a number of enhancements. According to the company, Guinnux 3.0 has moved from GLibC 2.14 to 2.17. Developmers  have used the latest stable GNU compiler suite to keep the Guinnux development environment as close as possible […]

Modular UPS systems gain traction

As companies increasingly look to shift technology spend from once-off capex investments, to a more manageable operational expense, the field of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems is rapidly evolving. Modular UPS systems is an emerging trend gaining traction in many industry verticals – and not just within the data centre environment. In contrast to monolithic […]

New high performance wireless modem router

Edimax brings you the AR-7128, a high performance router that provides full ADSL2+ capability and reliability: in short, a cost-effective networking solution for homes and small businesses. This router is compatible with the next-generation 802.11n wireless standard and has advanced MIMO technology. This means that the AR-7128 provides up to six times better data transmission […]

Line-interactive UPS for reliable protection

Featuring a microprocessor controller design and built-in AVR, the Alto Power series UPS not only provides reliable power protection but also clean power for your electronic equipment. The buck and boost AVR function corrects either undervoltage or overvoltage conditions without unnecessary battery drainage, and extends the life of the battery. With a built-in powerful charger, […]

Self-contained data centres unveiled

Cannon Technologieshas unveiled a range of configurable and expandable  ISO-compliant self-contained data centres – available in 6, 12 and 13,5 m versions – that are fully turnkey ready. The units are available to Cannon’s global client base immediately. According to the company, the containerised modular data centres are shipped mission-ready – available for clients to, quite […]