Alternative to manual UV detection system

In large, high production sawmills where success can be measured in board meters, the price per board is determined by the grade of each individual board. It is essential that every board be properly graded, sorted and processed. Operators grade each board as it travels along the conveyor line, marking it with a UV detectable […]

High-definition dome positioning system

Schneider Electric has announced the South African launch of its new Pelco Spectra high-definition (HD) 1080 dome positioning system. The new system features a clearer image with stronger resolution, without sacrificing low-light or programmable performance. The line has been a cornerstone of security applications for nearly 20 years, delivering unparalleled reliability, drive/control technology and image […]

IR thermometers and cameras

Comtest has introduced the Fluke VT04 Visual IR thermometer–the latest in troubleshooting tools with built-in digital camera and thermal heat map overlay. The device bridges the gap between traditional IR thermometers and infrared cameras. Building on the popular Fluke VT02, the VT04 adds PyroBlend Plus with a four-times sharper resolution than the VT02 and automatic […]

Smartphone monitors air or water temperature

Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA recently announced that British startup, Blue Maestro, has specified a Nordic nRF51822 System-on-Chip (SoC) in each of its GBP Tempo’ Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth low energy) temperature sensors that allow consumers to accurately measure and monitor air or water temperature 24/7 anywhere in their home or business, […]

Self-contained, compact photoelectric sensors launched

Banner Engineering introduces its next-generation S18-2 compact photoelectric sensor series. These self-contained, DC-operated sensors provide an economical sensing solution for cost-sensitive and high-volume installations. Built with advanced ASIC (application specific integrated circuit) technology, the diffuse mode S18-2 sensors are resistant to fluorescent light and offer a high level of crosstalk avoidance. These sensors feature a […]

Autofocus for sensor video cameras

Canon announces an upgrade that brings dual pixel CMOS AF functionality (DAF) to its professional EOS C100 camcorder. First launched with the EOS 70D DSLR, dual pixel CMOS AF expands shooting possibilities by providing smooth, fast, high-performance continuous autofocus in large sensor video cameras. The EOS C100 is the first camcorder to feature this technology, […]

Reed element for T-slot cylinder sensors

A reed element now also belongs to Ifm’s family of T-slot cylinder sensors for the AC/DC voltage range up to 120 V. The sensor’s response sensitivity to magnetic field changes is comparable to that of common electronic cylinder sensors. The Ifm sensor can be locked in the T-slot by its self-locking mechanism and the fixing […]

Magnetorestrictive position sensors for plastics processing

For over 30 years, MTS Sensor Technologie has been a reliable partner for measurement and control technology in the plastics processing industry. Its absolute, linear and non-contact position sensors have influenced measuring technology of injection moulding machines, blow molding machines and thermoforming machines. MTS Sensor Technologie’s sensors for the plastics processing industry are optimally suited […]

Improved memory timing measurements

As system speeds increase, customers need even faster deep memory timing measurements across a large number of input channels, which is what Agilent’s 16850 series of logic analysers deliver. Combining this capability with a wide variety of probing options allows digital system designers the fastest possible debug across a wide range of applications. Developers of […]

Covering any frontline fibre test application

Exfo’s tablet-inspired MaxTester 700B OTDR Series, has made frontline OTDR field testing faster and more accessible. T Exfo’s automated and intelligent MaxTester OTDR series helps contractors and service providers build faster, more reliable fiber networks. The MaxTester’s tablet-inspired design features a large, 7-inch, outdoor-enhanced touchscreen (described as the largest in the industry for a handheld […]