Flexible photoelectric sensor with easy turn

  Reliable background suppression, colour-independent detection and easy switch point setting are said to be some of the features of the photoelectric PMDLine sensor OID200 from Ifm Electronic. It also detects shiny surfaces like stainless steel without difficulty. This sensor with photonic mixer device (PMD) technology combines the advantages of long ranges, reliable background suppression, […]

Low volume variable area flowmeters for liquids and gases

  Kobold Instrumentation has launched the KFR line of acrylic body flowmeters, described as offering the perfect balance between low-cost, accuracy and range availability. Bridging the microflow and large flow ranges, this flowmeter can provide an effective solution to industrial applications, such as gas analysis and water applications. The KFR operates on proven suspended float system, i.e. […]

Flow computer for natural gas volume conversion

  RMG by Honeywell recently introduced the ERZ 2000-NG flow computer and gas volume corrector, providing a reliable and more intuitive solution for natural gas volume conversion in fiscal and secondary metering applications. Featuring a new graphical touch screen user interface, the new flow computer enables gas distribution, transportation and storage service organisations to accurately measure gas […]

New models of USB thermocouple power sensors

  Agilent Technologies recently announced the addition of two new models to its U8480 series of USB thermocouple power sensors. This series now comes with improved specifications, including an expanded frequency range to 67 GHz and a measurement speed of 900 readings/second. The U8480 series’ real-time measurement uncertainty feature, described as the first of its kind in […]

Pressure transmitter series launched

  Vega has launched their new range of pressure transmitters in South Africa in Rustenburg, Sasolburg and Johannesburg. The company has re-engineered its VegaBar pressure transmitter series down to three innovative models. This is said to make it much easier for the user to choose the most appropriate instrument for their applications. These three transmitter variants can […]

New photoelectric sensor range launched

  Omron has redesigned and expanded its M18 cylindrical range photoelectric sensors. The new generation is said to represent one of the largest varieties of dependable photoelectric sensors on the market. The recently launched E3FA/E3F1 series is the first of the company’s products based on a new platform for photoelectric sensors. It features high-performance sensing […]

Non-contact encoder has no bearings

  The new RI360 incremental encoder from Turck is totally non-contact and has no bearings, making it completely wear-free. The inductive universal encoder offers high resolution and is immune to magnetic fields. Machine downtime and maintenance resulting from encoder wear are a thing of the past, even in high precision and high-speed applications thanks to […]

PCB analyser for printed circuit board impedance testing

  Agilent Technologies recently introduced the E5063A PCB analyser for printed circuit board impedance testing in manufacturing. The solution offers technology breakthroughs in accuracy, and repeatability and reproducibility (R&R). The analyser also provides a dedicated user interface with broader language support, and more robustness against electrostatic discharge for PCB manufacturing environments. Tighter impedance tolerance is a […]

Waveguide power sensor with flange connector

  Agilent Technologies has announced the E8486A waveguide power sensor. Designed with a WR-12 flange connector, this sensor makes precise and accurate power measurements in the E-band spectrum of 60 to 90 GHz,  said to make it the ideal solution to meet the rapid demand in E-band telecommunication applications. The E8486A comes with an 80 dB dynamic range option, […]

Digital torque transducer interfaces directly with PC software

  Lorenz Messtechnik has developed a digital torque transducer which interfaces directly with PC software to log and record torque, speed and angle measurements. The DR-3000 series of rotating torque transducers are available in capacities from 0,5 to 5000 Nm, and are supplied with traceable calibration certificates and free PC data logging software. Founded in […]