Wireless technology for asset utilisation and operator profitability

  Wireless communications are well-suited for the oil and gas industry, especially given the often remote locations of production facilities, both on- and offshore. In the past, satellites provided producers with high-latency, low-bandwidth communications sufficient for transmitting telemetry data. But they fell short for system automation controls that required much less latency or for fixed […]

Combining communication and power in a single cable

  EtherCAT P technology has become an established global standard. It combines ultra-fast communication with 24 V power for the system and peripherals – and optionally with additional power supply capabilities. One cable automation (OCA) can now be implemented on the field level, enabling the plug-and-play connection of machines and other equipment ranging from 24 […]

Control comes to I/O

  A new field logic controller offers a different take on the edge computing concept by bringing simple logic control to Ethernet I/O blocks. The field logic controllers (FLCs) are programmed via the ARGEE environment, which uses a flow chart system to program the Ethernet I/O blocks via an HTML5-compatible web browser. Edge computing is one […]

Ethernet and the trend to decentralised control solutions

  The driving force behind progress in industrial automation in the last 20 years has without doubt been the networking of automation products via bus systems. The importance of industrial communication within machines and installations is increasing exponentially, especially in the context of recent Industry 4.0 and internet of things (IoT) discussions. Networking is decentralised […]

Simple, open and standardised cloud connectivity

  As information technology and automation technology continue to converge, cloud-based communication and data services are increasingly used in industrial automation projects. Beyond the scope of conventional control tasks, applications such as big data, data mining and condition or power monitoring enable the implementation of superior, forward-looking automation solutions. Industry 4.0 and IoT strategies place […]

A new era of initiatives for the next industrial revolution

  A new era of industrial innovation is upon us. Referred to as the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), the deeper meshing of the digital world with the world of machines holds the potential to bring about profound transformation to global industry. This new industrial stage, where the internet meets production, is a major topic […]

The future of intuitive robotics

  It is believed that the automation cells and production lines of the future will see symmetry in interaction between robots and humans. The Ping-Pong robot has shown the first fruits of efforts to meet this collaborative challenge. Sustaining long table tennis rallies with its human opponent, the Ping-Pong robot consistently returns the ball to […]